Saturday, March 10, 2018

Pinups for My 39th Birthday

As regular readers of A Shroud of Thoughts know, on many holidays I post classic pin ups here. Since today is my birthday I thought that I would post pin ups of fellow Pisceans (one of whom I actually share my birthday with). Without further ado, then here are this year's pinups.

Jon Hamm, who is further proof that the handsomest, coolest men were all born on March 10 in Missouri!

Joan Bennett, born February 27

Ann Sheridan, born February 21

Paula Prentiss, born March 4

Peggy Dow, born March 18

Jessie Matthews, born March 11

Cyd Charisse, born March 8


Caftan Woman said...

Happy Birthday!

My late father, who raised his daughters with an appreciation of classic film, was a February 19th baby, and I always note that he shares that date with Lee Marvin. From now on I shall note that he shares the Pisces sign with you.

Hal Horn said...

Very happy belated birthday! (I haven't been posting much the last couple of weeks :)