Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

2016 is over and I think many are happy to see the year gone. Indeed, the year saw the deaths of many beloved entertainers. I do have to point out that 2016 did break the record for most posts on A Shroud of Thoughts in a year. The previous record holder was 2010, with 272 posts. 2016 came in at 276 posts. Sadly, I think most of those posts were eulogies.

Anyway, I like starting the year off on A Shroud of Thoughts on a happy note, so here are the usual classic pinups.

First up is Ann Miller in colour, wishing you a happy 1951.

Next up is Mamie Van Doren with confetti and balloons!

Alice White is happy it's 1928!

Nancy Carroll rides a balloon in the new year of 1930!

Joan Vohs is awaiting her kiss at midnight.

And finally it's Ann Miller in 1951 again, this time atop a spinning globe!
Happy New Year!

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KC said...

Happy New Year!