Sunday, 20 March 2005

A Few of My Favourite Things

I have gone on record on this blog as not particularly liking the musical The Sound of Music. That having been said, I do love its score. One of my favourite songs from that score is "A Few of My Favourite Things." Essentially, the song is just that-- a list of a few of Maria von Trapp's favourite things. I thought for today I'd depart from my usual discussion of movies, TV, music, and so on just to list a few of my own favourite things. These are those little things I enjoy that make life worthwile.

The Feel and Touch of Long, Blonde Hair: I think I have made no secret that I prefer natural blondes. And I have to say that it isn't entirely due to the way it looks on women. There is something about the texture of blonde hair that sets apart from the other colours, a special softness to it. It feels so nice pressed against a cheek or brushed against my chest. It is one of those things about blondes that I love most.

Snow at Yuletide: While many people hate snow, I must admit that I have always liked it myself. Oh, I don't want seven inches of the white stuff in a 24 hour period, but a good one to three inches is nice. It is fun to get out and frolic in it, to have snowball fights and make snow angels. And snow is so beautiful, especially as it is falling down. As for myself, there is no better time for snow than Yuletide. It brings to my mind my childhood and being with family, not to mention images from dozens of Yuletide movies, songs, and even lithographs. To me, it isn't quite Yule without snow.

Sunset on a Farm: One of the things I hate about living in a town, even as small as Huntsville is, is the inability to see the horizon, especially at sunset. This is because I grew up on a farm, where come evening I could look west and see the sun slowly sink into the horizon. The sky would be painted with pinks and purples and blues. There are very few things that are quite as beautiful.

Cats Purring: I have alwyas loved cats, ever since I was a child (I must say that I love dogs, too). For me one of the most pleasant and comforting sounds is the purr of a cat. Much of this is because it reminds me of the various cats I have owned over the years and how they would purr when they sat on me and I petted them. Much of it I think is simply because it is a comforting sound, a slow, low, gentle rumble. There are few sounds I like as much.

The Feel of Some Women's Shoulders: Like most men, I do like the feel of members of the opposite sex. But I think one overlooked part of the feminine anatomy are the shoulders. In the right woman, the feel of the shoulders can be electric. With just the right amount of firmness and softness is found in a woman's shoulders, touching them can be most enjoyable. And cuddling can be even more enjoyable. Of course, it does take just the right woman...

Rain in the Summer: If there are any long time readers of this blog, they know that I hate summer in Missouri. Summer here can be summed by two words: hot and muggy. Rain is then a godsend. For there a few things better than a rainy day in the middle of July, especially if it is a nice, heavy, cool rain. Under the right circumstances, I can positively feel like Gene Kelly.

Babies: Call me a softie or overly paternal, but I love babies. They are so cute and cuddly. And they seem positively happy to be in this world...alert, curious about everything. I enjoyed seeing my nephew in his infancy and I enjoy getting to spend time with my best friend's daughter. If only everyone could keep the kind of innocence and wonder at the world that infants have...

The Smell of a New Book: In my time I have been a voracious reader, sometimes reading more than one book at a time. I enjoy both fiction and nonfiction. For that reason it should be no surprise that I love the smell of a new book, the smell of fresh ink. For me it promises adventure and escape from my everyday life or, in the case of nonfiction, knowledge to be learned. I guess it should be no surprise I love the smell of bookstores, too.

Going Home: It is sometimes nice to get away from home, whether it is simply to go see a movie or go shopping, or to make a day trip to some tourist attraction. But as much as I like to get away from home, going home can be even better. Some of my fondest memories as a child were returning home to the farm after we'd went into town to shop. It was so pleasant watching the countryside go by, knowing soon I would be safe at home.

I suppose that it is for now. Tomorrow or later this week (whenver I make my next entry), I'll go back to the usual discussion of movies, television, music, and so on....

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