Saturday, March 26, 2005


With the new, modified template and the second sidebar you might notice that I have picked up a lot of blinkies. All of them are adopted except for two--The Prisoner ("I am not a number...") and The Avengers blinkie ("Mrs. Peel, we're needed..."). If anyone wants to snag them (including my own), go right ahead.

I only learned about blinkies awhile back. It seems as if they just started popping up on blogs and websites. I suppose that there is a regular blinkie fad taking place. Of course, the internet has seen its share of fads before. I remember that it was not long after I first got connected that everyone had to have web pages with black backgrounds. And, of course, animated gifs (which blinkies are) had their time in the sun. I have to wonder who created the first blinkie. Given the nature of the internet, I suppose no one will ever know. Whoever it was does seem to have started an outright craze.

Anyhow, I obviously like the idea of blinkies. They seem like a handy way of letting people know about one's interests and even one's personality.

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