Wednesday, May 22, 2019

"You May Just Be the One" by The Monkees

It was 52 years ago today that The Monkees' album Headquarters was released. After winning the right to perform their own songs from their record label, Headquarters was the first album on which The Monkees both played their own instruments and wrote the majority of songs.

In fact, my favourite track on the album was by Michael Nesmith, who had written songs for The Monkees' first two albums. An earlier version of "You Just May Be the One" had been recorded during the sessions for The Monkee's first album with sessions musicians. This version of the song appeared in the Monkees episodes "The Chaperone," "One Man Shy," and "Monkees à la Mode" during the show's first season. For Headquarters The Monkees remade the song with Michael Nesmith on guitar, Peter Tork on bass, Davy Jones on tambourine, and Micky Dolenz on drums. It would be the only song on Headquarters on which The Monkees played the same instruments that they were portrayed as playing on the TV show. While "You Just May Be the One" remains my favourite song on the album, it is a bit bittersweet for me now, as I identified with a fellow Monkees fan who died last year (if you know me, then you know who that is). Anyway, without further ado, here is the second version of "You Just May Be the One" from The Monkees' album Headquarters.

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