Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Where to Find Me on Social Media

I have been on various social media sites for over ten years now. In fact, some of the social media sites on which I had accounts closed down long ago. If you enjoy reading A Shroud of Thoughts, then, you might also enjoy following me on my various social media accounts. They are as follows:

mercurie80 on Twitter

Twitter is the social media site on which I am most active. Every single day I post classic film and television birthdays, as well as popular music history (primarily rock 'n' roll, although I do include some rhythm and blues and classic American pop as well). I am part of the TCM Party crowd, so occasionally I will be live tweeting to various movies on Turner Classic Movies! Of course, I also tweet links to posts on this blog and those of my friends as well.

Terence Towles Canote on Google+

Contrary to what many have believed over the years, Google+ has never been a ghost town. It still isn't, even after the change from the far superior Classic Google+ to the far inferior New Google+. I am not as active on Google+ since the change from Classic to New, but it is still the social media site on which I am most active besides Twitter. I post classic film and television birthdays, as well as a lot of music videos. And, like Twitter, I share links to posts on this blog there

mercurie80 on Instagram

Instagram is the social networking service on which I am probably most active besides Twitter and Google+. I post a few classic film, television, and rock 'n' roll birthdays there, as well as assorted classic film and television photos. That having been said, I have to warn you that there are a lot of pictures of my cats!

Terence Towles Canote, Author on Facebook

Yes, I have a Facebook page, although I don't post to it much. If you are a long time reader of A Shroud of Thoughts, then you know that I really don't like Facebook very much!

Terence Towles Canote on GoodReads

I am also on GoodReads. How often I post there depends on how many books I have read. Sadly, that has not been much lately!

Terence Towles Canote's Author Page on Amazon

Okay, this is not a social media site, but my author's page is a good way to keep up to date on my blog. Also, if you want to buy all of my books, you can do that too! 

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