Thursday, September 3, 2015

TCM Fan Favourites and Other News

If you watch Turner Classic Movies regularly, then you are probably familiar with their segment, Fan Favourites, in which fans are able to introduce some of their favourite films. The segment debuted last November and proved very successful. TCM aired another Fan Favourites segment in April. I was among those chosen for the segment and was honoured to get introduce A Hard Day's Night (1964) with Ben Mankiewicz. This Saturday will see the third instalment of Fan Favourites.

This time I only know of one of the Fan Favourite presenters. Meaghan Walsh Gerard, who will be introducing the Val Lewton classic I Walked with a Zombie (1943). Meaghan has attended TCMParties on Twitter before. While I don't know who the other three are, they all selected some great films for watching this Saturday! The films are as follows (all times are Central Daylight Saving Time):

Theodora Goes Wild (1936) 11:00 AM
I Walked with a Zombie (1943) 12:45 PM
Royal Wedding (1951) 2:15 PM
McLintock! (1963) 4:00 PM

Be sure to tune into Turner Classic Movies Saturday to watch this round of Fan Favourites. And if you're on Twitter, be sure to follow the hashtag #tcmparty. If it is like the other Fan Favourites, there should be a continuous TCM Party going on!

In other news, for the month of September Turner Classic Movies launched a new branding campaign with the tagline "Let's Movie". The new campaign is meant to draw a broader audience to TCM. Here it must be pointed out that the new campaign does not mean that TCM is changing its programming, as confirmed by Ben Mankiewicz himself. Turner Classic Movies is also launching a social media campaign with the hashtag #LetsMovie and has declared September 19 a “Lets Movie” holiday during which the channel encourages its fans to watch films on TCM with friends and family.

Below is the promo video to accompany the "Let's Movie" campaign, as well as their promo for what is airing in September.

While I have to confess I don't particularly care for the "Let's Movie" tagline (I really don't like it when nouns are used as verbs), I do love the idea behind the campaign itself. I encourage my fellow TCM Fans to participate. I know I will be tuned to TCM nearly all day September 19 and live tweeting films!

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