Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Famous People Born On and Famous Events That Happened on March 10

Today is my birthday. There was a time when I did not really appreciate being born on March 10. I knew I was born on the birthdays of Chuck Norris, Sharon Stone, and Shannon Tweed, but other than that I did not think anything important really happened on the day. Fortunately, through the miracle of the internet, I learned I was wrong.

First, there were a lot of cool people born on March 10, including:

Nancy Cunard was a writer and political activist. She fought both fascism and racism in her career. She also had a relationship with Aldous Huxley and inspired some of his novels.

Character actor Sam Jaffe appeared in such films as Lost Horizon, Gunga Din, The Asphalt Jungle, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

 Richard Haydn appeared in And Then There Were None, Forever Amber, and Young Frankenstein.

Robert Llewellyn, who plays the android Kryten in one of my favourite shows, Red Dwarf. He has also written nine books!

This is one of my favourite people with whom I share my birthday, Jon Hamm. He plays Don Draper on my favourite show currently on the air, Mad Men. Aside from sharing a birthday and being devilishly handsome, Mr. Hamm and I have a few other things in common. Namely, we were both born in Missouri. In fact, he even lived in Columbia while attending the University of Missouri.

Olivia Wilde played Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley on House and has appeared in such films as  Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, and Her. I've interacted with her on a few social networks over the years and she seems really nice.

Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean is probably the most famous music star born on March 10. Here's Jan & Dean's song "Dead Man's Curve"

Last but not least, one of my favourite people in the whole wide world and a dear friend, actress Scarlett O'Neil shares my birthday!

There were a lot more famous people born on March 10, but I haven't room here to list them all. There were a few important, pop culture related events that happened today, all of them music related except for one.

It was today in 1958 that Big Records released the second single (after "Hey, Schoolgirl"), "Our Song", by a duo called Tom and Jerry. They'd later become famous by their given surnames, Simon & Garfunkel.

It was also today in 1964 that Simon & Garfunkel recorded the original, acoustic version of "Sounds of Silence"

And it was today in 1973 that my favourite Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon, was released. Here from that album is "Brain Damage"/"Eclipse"

According to Marvel.Com, it was on March 10 1963 that Tales of Suspense #39 was published. It is significant as the first appearance of Iron Man (which sort of makes Tony Stark my birthday twin).

Anyhow, it would appear that my assumptions when I was younger were wrong. A lot did happen on March 10! I fully recommend researching who was born and what happened on your birthday. You might be surprised at what did happen.

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