Thursday, June 28, 2012

Richard Lynch R.I.P.

Richard Lynch, known for playing the heavy in many films and television shows, passed on 19 June 2012 at the age of 72.

Richard Lynch was born on 12 February 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. From 1956 to 1960 he served in the United States Marine Corps, doing part of his tour in the Middle East. Following his demobilisation Mr. Lynch trained in acting at H.B. Studios in New York City and still later at The Actors Studio. He made his film debut in Scarecrow in 1973. During the Seventies he appeared in such films as The Seven-Ups, Open Season (1974), The Happy Hooker (1975), God Told Me To (1976), The Baron (1977), Stunts (1977), Deathsport (1978), Delta Fox (1979), and The Formula (1980). On television he appeared on such shows as Bronk, Switch, Baretta, Police Woman, The Streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, Buck Rogers in the 21st Century, Charlie's Angels, and Battlestar Galactica.

In the Eighties Richard Lynch appeared in such films as The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982), Inferno in diretta (1985), Invasion U.S.A. (1985), Savage Dawn (1985), The Barbarians (1987), Little Nikita (1988), Bad Dreams (1988), High Stakes (1989), One Man Force (1989), Lockdown (1990), The Forbidden Dance (1990), and Invasion Force (1990). He appeared on such TV shows as Vega$, The Phoenix, Bring 'Em Back Alive, T. J. Hooker, Manimal, Masquerade, Blue Thunder, Matt Houston, Cover Up, The A-Team, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Airwolf, The Last Precinct, Once a Hero, Werewolf, and Hunter.

During the Nineties Mr. Lynch appeared in such film as Trancers II (1991), Maximum Force (1992), Inside Edge (1992), Merlin (1993), Showdown (1993), Necronomicon: Book of Dead (1993), Dangerous Waters (1994), Death Match (1994). Takedown (1995), Midnight Confessions (1995), Total Force (1997), Shattered Illusions (1998), Eastside (1999), Lone Tiger (1999), and Lima: Breaking the Silence (1999). He appeared on such shows as Dark Justice, Jake and the Fatman, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murder She Wrote, and Mike Hammer.

In the Naughts Richard Lynch appeared in such films as Death Game (2001), Outta Time (2002), Crime and Punishment (2002), Final Combat (2003), Ancient Warriors (2003), Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy (2007), Halloween (2007), Laid to Rest (2009), and Lewisburg (2010).  He appeared on the TV series Six Feet Under and Charmed. In 2011 he appeared in the film Gun of the Black Sea. This year he is set to appear in Lords of Salem.

Richard Lynch had silver hair and a scarred face (reportedly from setting himself on fire while on LSD in 1967), but even if he had not, he would have been ideal for playing villains. His voice and very demeanour were menacing. He could convey more of a threat with a look than many actors could with a long speech. It is perhaps for his particular gift for playing bad guys that he found himself appearing in a string of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and action movies throughout his career, not to mention his many television series appearance. While Richard Lynch was best known for playing villains, however, he was quite adept at playing more ordinary roles. He played police officers on more than one occasion, and in Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween he played Principal Chambers. And while it was rare to see Richard Lynch is a big budget, mainstream film, there can be no doubt that those who did see him in his many low budget movies would remember him. Richard Lynch was a fine actor with a gift for playing villains, an actor who certainly made an impression.

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Bobby Rivers said...

Richard Lynch unnerved the bejesus out of me when I saw him play the tough convict who befriends Al Pacino's character in SCARECROW.