Monday, September 17, 2007

2006-2007 Emmy Awards

For once I cannot complain too much about the Emmy Awards. Oh, I harped a bit about the nominations (Why wasn't Lost or The Wire nominated for Outstanding Drama Series?), but I'll admit that I cannot complain about most of the winners.

I will confess that I would have rather Entourage had won Outstanding Comedy Series, but I must admit being happy that 30 Rock won. After Entourage it is easily be best comedy currently on the air. And it certainly deserved to win than Two and Half Men and The New Adventures of Old Christine (I am still not sure how they were even nominated). I do wish that Kevin Dillon had won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy award. As Drama on Entourage he is easily one of the best things about the show. That having been said, I am at least glad that his co-star Jeremy Piven (who plays amoral agent Ari Gold) took the award. I am also happy The Office got some recognition, for Outstanding Writing on a Comedy Series.

As to the Drama category, I don't think anyone can complain that The Sopranos won the Outstanding Drama award, even if neither The Wire nor >Lost were nominated. And Terry O'Quinn, who plays Locke on Lost, definitely deserves his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor on a Drama.

That having been said, I cannot say I was entirely happy with the awards. I was disappointed to see Kathrine Heigl won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama. I don't think anyone in the cast of Grey's Anatomy deserves an Emmy (although, I must admit, they are given very little to work with). I guess I can be happy that it was the only award the show walked away with. I'm also not too happy that James Spader too the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama. To me the award rightfully belongs to Hugh Laurie, House on, well, House.

At any rate, given the nominations this year, it could have been much much worse. Grey's Anatomy could have won Outstanding Drama. Two and a Half Men could have won Outstanding Comedy. Worse yet, Grey's Anatomy could have swept. Given the alternative, I will gladly accept the Emmy Awards as they unfolded in reality.


Beth said...

Yup, Hugh Laurie's the man! James Spader's character just seems like he's James Spader. But House, ooh, now there's some character development.

themarina said...

I don't watch a lot of TV so the Emmy's are a bit of a non-event at my house but I will say that I'm disappointed to hear that "The Sopranos" took home the award. The last season was a complete load of BS with only a handful of even slightly memorable episodes. A HUGE disappointment for a show that had only a handful of bad episodes in its entire run.

And I won't even say anything about the ending.


Mercurie said...

Beth, I've thought Hugh Laurie was a great actor ever since I first saw him on Jeeves and Wooster, playing Bertie Wooster (which is about as far from House as one can get!).

Marina, I missed much of this season of The Sopranos. I realise I am probably in the minority, but I liked the ending. Given the shows that were nominated, The Sopranos is actually my second choice for the Outstanding Drama Award. House would have won if it was up to me. But then neither Lost nor The Wire were even nominated!