Thursday, October 13, 2005

More Poetry

I have not tried my hand at any poetry for a while, so I thought I would try again. Like most of my poems I will not vouch that this one is actually good. I at least hope that it is not wholly bad. If nothing else, blame it on a combination of listening to The Beatles' Rubber Soul, The Killers' Hot Fuss, and going through a bit of melancholy.

There was magic in your bright eyes
and poetry in your smile.
All resistance in me died,
I fell for you after a while.

Whenever I was by your side
Paradise seemed born anew.
Happiness I could not hide.
I was wholly charmed by you.

But small things wore down our affair.
With time Paradise was lost.
My joy was replaced by despair.
I mistepped and paid the cost.

And now you are with another.
He has the joy I had known,
But for me there can be no other.
For now I will stay alone.

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