Sunday, May 8, 2005

Photograph by Ringo Starr

This morning I am still not particularly well and I find myself quite a bit down. Indeed, Ringo Starr's song "Photograph" keeps going through my head. The song is from his album Ringo, released in November 1973. In a strange way the album could be considered a Beatles reunion, as each of The Beatles was featured on it. That having been said, John, Paul, and George did not perform together at any point on the record. They did not perform on the same songs. In fact, at no point were they even in the recording studio together (feelings were still a bit strained between them at this point)! All of them did contribute to the album. John provided "I'm the Greatest." Paul wrote "Six O'Clock." In the case of "Photograph," Ringo co-wrote the song with George Harrison. It is one of the most Beatlesque songs any of the former Beatles performed after they had gone their separate ways.

Anyhow, it seems that "Photograph" is my song for the day. Here's a link to the song in RealAudio:

"Photograph"--Ringo Starr

Seeing that this is Mother's Day, it might be fitting for me to wish all those mothers out there a happy Mother's Day!

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junebee said...

Ringo was always my favorite Beatle. Whereas John was philsophical, George was spiritual, and Paul was commercial, Ringo was just plain fun.