Saturday, September 11, 2004

A Bit More on Books I Read as a Child

Looking over the post I made on books a while back, I realise I left out some of my favourite books I read as a child. Among these was The Secret Hideout by John Peterson and its sequel Enemies of the Secret Hideout. These books concerned the Viking Club, a club formed by a group of neighbourhood boys. I remember that my brother and I formed out own Viking Club--yes, I was a member of a secret society at age 10! Peterson also wrote a book on making one's own codes that my brother owned. He was also the author of the famous Littles books, although for whatever reason I never read any of those.

I also read a good deal of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I believe I read some of the Tarzan books, but I really liked the John Carter of Mars series. I believe I also read some of his Pellucidar series about a civilisation at the middle of the earth (not too different from Mars, strangely enough).

Arthur Conan Doyle was also among my favourite authors. I read several of the Sherlock Holmes books, as well as The Lost World. Like most boys, I was entralled by dinosaurs, so The Lost World was right up my alley.

Edgar Allen Poe was also high on my reading lists. In fact, I think he was my first real exposure to horror literarure. I still remember "The Telltale Heart" creeping me out!

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