Monday, June 21, 2004

Town and Country

For whatever reason, last night in Huntsville was hardly a quiet one. Several cars drove past the house. Even though the train tracks are literally blocks from my house, the trains sounded as if they were right across the street. And then at 2:00 AM sirens could be heard up and down Main Street. I suppose that there had been a fire or an accident somewhere. At any rate, last night I really missed living in the country.

I grew up on a farm about a mile north of town. We had 100 acres of land, through which the East Fork of the Chariton River ran. About 15 acres of our land were woodlands. I could go for a walk in the fields and woods without being distrubed by cars, trucks, or people. I could camp out any time I wanted. And depending upon the season, I could fish or hunt any time I wanted. Compared to Huntsville, our farm was relatively quiet. Not nearly as many trucks and cars went down the road there as do the streets on which I live in Huntsville. And there were no kids or other people making noise, just the occasional dog, coyote, or tractor.

I am not sure that it is the peace and quiet that I miss the most right now. I think it is the privacy. In Huntsville when I walk out of my house there are houses upon houses all around me. There are other people out and about. Even when I am in the house with the doors closed, I do not feel as if I am alone. I cannot play my stereo at full blast. I cannot walk outside simply to meditate in the great outdoors. I feel as if I cannot really have any time to myself. On the farm I could walk outside and not see a soul outside of our animals. If I wanted to do some thinking, I could simply take a walk through the pastures or woods. I did not have to go to the park to see trees or grass.

I think that if I ever won the lottery or some sweepstakes, the first thing I would do is buy a farm. Some nice place with woods and a creek running through it, far from town. Although I cannot say I am terribly unhappy living in town, I do think I would be a lot happier back on a farm.

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