Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Google Search Has the Wrong Photo of Vanessa Marquez in the Cast Section of Her Movies

(Update: Google got the photo corrected. In fact, they used the same photo I used for this post, which is one of the promotional photos of Vanessa for the first season of ER.)

This IS Vanessa Marquez
Today I learned that a new 4K Blu-ray of Stand and Deliver (1988) is being released on March 26 2024. Quite naturally, I did a search on Google to find more information. It was during this search that I clicked on the cast section of Stand and Deliver (1988) on Google Search. It was there that I noticed that the photo they have for Vanessa Marquez is not my Vanessa--it is not the actress Vanessa Rosalia Marquez who played Ana Delgado in the movie. I then did a search on some of her other movies and TV movies (Twenty Bucks, Locked Up: A Mother's Rage, and so on). In each case, they had the same wrong photo.

After some research I learned that the photo is of a pop singer named Vanessa Marquez, who apparently had some hits in the Naughts. Beyond the fact that they share the same name, I have no idea how Google confused the actress Vanessa Marquez with the pop singer Vanessa Marquez, as they look completely different. Anyway, I sent feedback to Google alerting them of the error. I am hoping that they will get it corrected, although I am not holding my breath where that is concerned.

Anyway, I think having the incorrect photo for the actress Vanessa Marquez is a disservice to both the actress and the singer. Everyone deserves to be correctly identified. I also have to point out that this is not an isolated incident. I have seen other cases of other celebrities who have photos incorrectly identified as them on Google Search. At any rate, if you run into this error as well, please let Google know.


Tom said...

It's a shame when such a thing happens with photos; I hope this gets rectified. Stand and Deliver is one of my all-time favorite movies, and will be looking for the 4K this year!

Terence Towles Canote said...

Hi, Tom! Google got it corrected. Right now they are using one of the promotional photos of Vanessa on ER from its first season. Anyway, I am looking to the 4K of Stand and Deliver later this month!