About Me

Terence Towles Canote is a pop culture buff, nostalgia critic, television historian, and classic film buff. ("Towles" is not his middle name, but part of his surname--"Towles Canote"). He was one of the original members of #TCMParty, the group of Turner Classic Movies fans who live tweet to films on the channel using that hashtag. On April 11 2015 he had the honour of introducing A Hard Day's Night (1964) on TCM with host Ben Mankiewicz as a Fan Favourite. He has contributed to Capper's Weekly, The Old Cowboy Picture Show, Silhouette Magazine, and other small press publications. In addition to running this blog, he has contributed to the blogs The Retro Set and the Classic Movie Hub Blog. He is the author of the books Television: Rare & Well Done, That Was Halloween: Essays on the Holiday, and Country Comedies: The Rural Sitcoms of the Sixties.

It was on June 4 2014 that Terence Towles Canote launched A Shroud of Thoughts. From the beginning the blog was dedicated to popular culture, although over time it would develop a definite emphasis on nostalgia. Today A Shroud of Thoughts is dedicated primarily to movies, television, print media, and music from the past.

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