Friday, August 10, 2018

Films I have Watched Since December 8 2011

One of the things I love about the website Letterboxd is keeping track of the films I have watched. The site has a diary where one can enters the movies one has watched and it also has a list of the films one has watched by their release dates. Among other things, one can learn how many films one has watched in any given decade.

I joined Letterboxed in December 2011, so it hardly includes every single film I have seen in my life. That having been said, I have used it faithfully ever since I joined, so it includes every film I have watched since December 8 2011. The breakdown of the decades is then accurate. I am only including the decades up to the Eighties here, as I think a film has to be thirty years old before it is considered a classic. As to why there are so few films from the Twenties, sadly, I haven't watched much in the way of silent films the past several years. Every year I think I will watch more and I never get around to it. When 9th Street Video in Columbia was open I watched many more silent films! It doesn't help that TCM only seems to show them on Sundays and the DVDs tend to be pricey! As to why there are so few films from the Seventies and Eighties, well, I really don't care much for movies from those decades! Obviously my favourite decade for film is the Sixties.

1920s: 4 films
1930s: 35 films
1940s: 83 films
1950s: 77 films
1960s: 110 films
1970s: 22 films
1980s: 8 films''

I was going to break the films down by genre as well, but Letterboxd seems very inaccurate with regards to classifying films by genre. For example, they include the Pixar film Inside Out, under drama! I fear to get an accurate count of the different films in the various genres I would have to do so manually.

Anyway, if you don't have a Letterboxd account, by all means create one. I have enjoyed using Letterboxd over the years and it is very interesting to look back at what I have watched.

Update: I was just looking over Letterboxd and noticed that The General,, Nosferatu, and Sherlock Jr. are not listed among the movies I have watched. I then have to question the accuracy of their films they list me as having watched for the Twenties! I know I have watched both The General and Nosferatu multiple times.

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