Monday, November 9, 2015

The 60th Anniversary of The Everly Brothers' First Recordings

It was today in 1955 at the Tulane Hotel studios that The Everly Brothers made their first recordings. In a space of 22 minutes they cut four tracks. By early 1956 family friend Chet Atkins was able to get the Everly Brothers signed to Columbia Records. Unfortunately their time with Columbia would be brief. Their only single on the label, "Keep A-Lovin' Me", failed to chart and Columbia soon dropped The Everly Brothers. Fortunately the duo would be signed to Cadence Records later in the year. Their first single with Cadence, "Bye Bye Love", proved to be a smash hit. It went to no. 2 on the Billboard singles chart, no. 2 on the Canadian singles chart, and no. 2 on the UK singles chart.

"Bye Bye Love" was the beginning of a successful career for The Everly Brothers that lasted into the Sixties. The two would also prove very influential. Their particular blend of close harmony would prove a huge influence on British bands such as The Beatles, who combined the Everlys' close harmony with the style of Buddy Holly and the pure electric guitar sound of Chuck Berry. Of course, the sound created by The Beatles and such British bands as The Who and The Kinks would evolve into the rock music subgenre known as power pop.

This is not one of the songs they recorded on that historic day in 1955, but it is quite possibly their biggest hit. "All I Have to Do is Dream" went to no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the Canadian and British charts. Indeed, it was the only single that ever topped all of Billboard's charts at the same time (it happened on June 2 1958).  It was certified Gold in the United States.

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