Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Support Honouring Hedy Lamarr With a Memorial

Hedy Lamarr is a true legend in more ways than one. During her lifetime she was proclaimed "the Most Beautiful Woman in the World" and she is still considered one of the all time great beauties. She was a talented actress who starred in a number of successful films. More importantly, she was a brilliant inventor. With composer George Antheil, she developed frequency hopping technology without which such things as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other modern technologies would not be possible. Hedy Lamarr made a difference. In fact, without her the world of the 21st Century would not be the same.

Hedy Lamarr died in 2000. A portion of her ashes were scattered in the Vienna Woods. The rest were placed in an honorary grave in the Vienna Central Cemetery in 2014. Sadly, the grave of this most remarkable woman is unmarked. There is not so much as a gravestone. Fortunately Viennese designer Christian Thomas has designed a stainless steel grave marker for her final resting place. Unfortunately her son, Anthony Loder, as many of you may already know, has been battling cancer for years and cannot afford to pay for the memorial. He has then turned to crowdfunding in order to finance the grave marker for his mother, a woman to whom we all owe an enormous debt.

If you would be interested in helping finance a memorial for Hedy Lamarr, you can do so here.

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