Saturday, January 3, 2009

Answers to the Yuletide Quiz

Here are the answers to the Yuletide quiz posted December 27.

1. The Puritans in England banned Christmas in what year?


2. Who brought the custom of the Christmas tree to the United Kingdom?

Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort

3. In what newspaper was A Visit from St. Nicholas (AKA 'Twas the Night Before Christmas) published?

The Sentinel from Troy, New York

4. A Christmas Carol was responsible not only for reviving Yuletide customs in the United Kingdom, but also the career of what writer?

Charles Dickens

5. When and where was the Christmas card invented?

In London in 1843.

6. In what year was Christmas declared a federal holiday in the United States?


7. Who was the first person to light a Christmas tree with electric lights?

Edward H. Johnson in 1882

8. What was the name of George Bailey's guardian angel in It's a Wonderful Life?


9. In what year did A Charlie Brown Christmas first air?


10. What was it that Ralphie wanted for Christmas in A Christmas Story?

An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle

Since that was the last quiz of the year, I will now announce the winner. In case no one remembers, the winner gets a pop culture related key chain of his choice, costing no more than $5.00 (I can't afford platinum keychains). So the winner is...Toby! Just email through the email link and let me know what keychain you want and where to send it.

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