Monday, September 10, 2007

The Return of Led Zeppelin?

Once again rumours of a Led Zeppelin reunion are flying. Fortunately, this time it is with good reason. Talking to NME.Com, lead singer Robert Plant said that reported that the remaining members had met to discuss a possible one-off gig. According to NME.Com, a source reported to them that the reunion will be part of a charity concert at London's O2 Arena organised by promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

Unfortunately, an official announcement has not been made yet, so the reunion is probably not an absolute certainty yet. It certainly seems possible, however, given the fact that November 13 will see the release of Mothership, a two disc set featuring tracks chosen by the remaining band members. November 20 will the reissue of the Led Zeppelin concert film The Song Remains the Same on November 20, complete with previously unreleased material. It would be reasonable for the remaining members of the band to reunite, even for simply a one-off gig, in order to promote both Mothership and the reissue of The Song Remains the Same on DVD. The fact that the event would also contribute to charity could be even more justification for Led Zeppelin to reunite. Since their break up following drummer John Bonham's death, the band has only reunited twice--one of which was for Live Aid in 1985.

I certainly hope that Led Zeppelin does reunite, even if it is for a one time only performance. Naturally, I have seen The Song Remains the Same several times. I also watched them, via MTV, perform at Live Aid, in which Phil Collins inadvertently introduced them as "Led Zeppelin (they had wanted to be introduced as 'Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones')." Given that half The Beatles are dead (making a reunion impossible) and The Rolling Stones have never broken up, a Led Zeppelin reunion would be the music event of the decade. I know I'll certainly look forward to it.


Beth said...

I put my name in for the lottery to buy tickets. I would so go to London to see them!

Mercurie said...

Sadly, my employers probably wouldn't let me off work, even to go to London to see Led Zepp....