Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Trailer for a Movie That Doesn't Exist

Warning: Here There Be Spoilers!

My favourite comedy currently on television is HBO's Entourage. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the series follows young, rising star Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) and his entourage and their lives in the jungle that is Hollywood. As fans of the show well know, it was this season that Vince finally achieved his goal of filming the movie Medellin, a film based on the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. While we did not get to see a trailer for any of the other fictional movies that have figured on the show (Queens Boulevard and Aquaman), there is a trailer for Medellin. Initially a few seconds of the trailer appeared in one episode, but then it turns out that there was a whole, 90 second trailer. The episode "Dream Team" (aired July 15) centred on the Medellin trailer being leaked to YouTube. At the end of the episode, HBO showed the whole trailer. They even got Don LaFontaine, AKA That Announcer Guy From the Movies, to do the voice over for the trailer! Of course, given that in real life any trailer is eventually going to find its way to YouTube, the trailer for Medellin can be found several times on the video sharing site. What is more, there is even a website for Medellin. Sadly, the website is rather sparse (where is the wallpaper and buddy icons?). Anyhow, here is the trailer for Medellin:

And if you want to see the official Medellin website, click here.

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