Thursday, August 2, 2007


After three days worth of obituaries, I thought I should probably make a post that is just plain fun. For that reason I decided to get myself and various significant others Simposnised. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, Simpsonize Me is both a website and a Burger King/The Simpsons Movie promotion whereby people can upload a photo of themselves and have it transformed into the likeness they would bear in The Simpsons universe.

Like most huge Simpsons fans (although I think the show has gone downhill for the past many years), I have always been curious about what I would look like in The Simpsons universe. For that reason I just had to try Simpsonize Me. Here I have to offer some words of advice. First, it does take several minutes for the site to Simpsonise one. I have a cable connection and the process takes anywhere from five to ten minutes. I am not sure that I would even try the website if all I had was dial up. Second, one should make sure that the photo upload is high quality and in colour. It should have a good deal of contrast and very little in the way of blurring. Simpsonize Me can handle somewhat blurry photos, but it takes a bit longer (my picture took only about three minutes--my brother's took about ten). Third, Simpsonize Me is a very busy web site. I would recommend waiting until late at night to use it if you're pressed for time. With as much traffic as it gets, one might not be able to get in for several minutes during the busiest parts of the day (say, the morning).

Anyhow, I suppose I will have to post the results of both my Simpsonisation and those of some of my significant others. First up is a headshot of myself Simpsonised. I have to say it is a good likeness:

This second picture is one of my cat and myself outside the Kwik-E-Mart. I am guessing I had to make a trip to Springfield, as Huntsville as only one convenience store and it's not a Kwik-E-Mart (it's a boring, old Casey's).

Next is a headshot of my brother Simpsonised (notice the family resemblance?). Observe the fact that even though he is younger than me, his hair is already grey while mine is still brown...

Next is a shot of my brother at the nuclear power plant. No idea what he is doing there. Maybe he and his cat had business with Mr. Burns...

Next is picture of my nephew at about one year of age. I think he resembles my brother, although he has the darkest hair of any of us...

The next picture is of Ozzy and his dog on the set of his favourite TV show.

Finally, here is a headshot of my second best friend Simpsonised. I personally think she is a good deal more attractive in real life, but then every woman in The Simpsons universe seems to be none too attractive (Erin Esurance they ain't):

And here she is outside the studios where they make those "Itchy and Scratchy" cartoons. I figure she must work in customer service there. By the way, she doesn't usually wear dresses in real life (she's a blue jeans girl), but I thought her Simposnised version looked better in one.

I would have Simpsonised more of my significant others, but my best friend has an aversion to having his picture taken and the only pictures I have of my sis are from thirty years ago. Anyway, Simpsonize Me is a fun time waster. And very enjoyable if you've ever wondered what you would look like in The Simpsons universe.

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