Monday, March 13, 2006


Today simply does not seem like a fitting day to make an entry on some artefact of pop culture. Last night storms ripped through the Midwest, with Missouri apparently the hardest hit. It is quite possible that we had more tornadoes yesterday than any other day in the state's recorded history. To give you an idea, according to a Kansas City Star article, western Missouri usually sees only 11 reports of tornadoes a year. Yesterday there were 15 reports of such storms in the area.

In all, nine people in Missouri were killed by the storms. Four of them were in Renick, which is only about 25 minutes away from my hometown of Huntsville. There was a good deal of property damage around Madison and Middle Grove (both about a half hour's drive from here), although fortunately no one was hurt. I know that there was a good deal of damage in the area, as while I have been able to get online, I cannot download my email (I'm having to rely on my webmail right now). As to my cell phone, I can make calls, but I cannot access my applications. Huntsville appears to have been largely spared, but the surrounding area was apparently hit pretty hard.

Elsewhere in the state, one woman was killed in Sedalia and another man in Ulrich County. Yet others died elsewhere. Although the city of Sedalia did not receive a direct hit from tornados, at least 100 homes in Pettis County were destroyed. On Interstate 70, around Sweet Springs, several tractor trailers were blown over. Some areas of the state are without power. As of yet the National Weather Service has not determined the strength of the storms.

Anyhow, I hope all of you understand if I do not think it is a fitting day to write about pop culture. I don't think Missouri has seen a day quite so bad with regards to twisters and with any luck we won't ever see one quite like it again.

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