Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Announcing the 9th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon

I am proud to announce the 8th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon, which will take place on September 17, 18, and 19 2022.

While many people think of Hollywood when they think of classic movies, the fact is that the United Kingdom made many significant contributions to film over the years. From the Gainsborough melodramas to Hammer Films to the British New Wave, cinema would be much poorer without the British.

Here are the ground rules for this year's blogathon:
1. Posts can be about any British film or any topic related to British films. For the sake of simplicity, I am using "British" here to refer to any film made by a company based in the United Kingdom or British Crown dependencies. If you want to write about a film made in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, then, you can do so. Also for the sake of simplicity, people can write about co-productions made with companies from outside the United Kingdom. For example, since 2001: A Space Odyssey is a British-American co-production, someone could write about it if they chose.

2. There is no limit on subject matter. You can write about any film in any genre you want. Posts can be on everything from the British New Wave to the Gainsborough bodice rippers to the Hammer Horrors. I am also making no limit on the format posts can take. You could review a classic British film, make an in-depth analysis of a series of British films, or even simply do a pictorial tribute to a film. That having been said, since this is a classic film blogathon,  I only ask that you write about films made before 2012. I generally don't think of a film as a classic until it has been around for thirty years, but to give bloggers more options I am setting the cut off point at ten years ago.

3. I am asking that there please be no duplicates. That having been said, if someone has already chosen to cover From Russia with Love (1963), someone else could write about the James Bond series as a whole.

4. I am not going to schedule days for individual posts. All I ask is that the posts be made on or between September 7, 18, and 19 2022.

If you want to participate in the Rule, Britannia Blogathon, you can simply comment below or get a hold of me on Twitter at mercurie80 or at my email:  mercurie80 at gmail.com

A Shroud of Thoughts: The Ipcress File (1965)

Reelweedgiemidget Reviews
: Holocaust 2000 (1977)

The Stop Button
: Kind Hearts and Coronets

Taking Up Room: A Hard Day's Night

Silver Screenings
: The Iron Duke (1934)

Moon in Gemini: Into the West (1992)

Films From Beyond the Time Barrier: Stolen Face (1952) and Blackout (1954)

Liberal England: "Children and Bomb Sites in Poast-War Britain"

18 Cinema Lane: Tommy (1975)

Below are graphics you can use for the blogathon or you can always make your own!


Realweegiemidget Reviews said...

Hi Terence, was hoping you would hold this... can you add me with the British Italian Production of Holocaust 2000 (1977)? from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

Andrew Wickliffe said...

Hey Terry!

Can I do KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS for The Stop Button (www.thestopbutton.com)?


Rebecca Deniston said...

Hi, Terence, I'd like to review "A Hard Day's Night" for Taking Up Room, please. Thanks for bringing this back!

Silver Screenings said...

Would love to do The Iron Duke (1934) with George Arliss.

So glad you're hosting this again!

Brian Schuck said...

Hi Terence! Looking forward to this! Please put me down for a Hammer Film Noir double feature (two in one post): Stolen Face (1952) and Blackout (1954). Thanks!
- Brian at Films From Beyond the Time Barrier.

Jonathan Calder said...

Hello Terence, I'll have another go at finishing the post on children and bombsites in post-war British films that I promised last year.

18 Cinema Lane said...

Hi Terence! Glad to see this blogathon return! I'd like to write a review of the 1975 movie, 'Tommy'.