Friday, March 18, 2022

The 8th Annual Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon: In Memory of Paddy Lee

The 8th Annual Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon has arrived. For those unfamiliar with the Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon, it is a blogathon in which each blogger posts about one of their favourite episodes from a TV show. This year we have a wide variety of entries, spanning several decades and several genres.

I am dedicating this year's blogathon to the memory of Patricia Nolan-Hall, known to her friends as Paddy Lee. Paddy was well-known in the classic film and classic TV community, and her blog Caftan Woman was widely read in the classic film and TV community. She was known for her love and enthusiasm of classic film and television, and her posts reflected that love and enthusiasm. In addition to writing her own blog, Paddy read many blogs and often commented on them. She was known for her sunny disposition and was always supportive of her fellow classic film and TV bloggers and fans. Paddy was able to complete her post for this year's Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon and arranged to have her daughter Janet publish it this week.  Paddy has participated in every single Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon  from the beginning, and I know that she always enjoyed it. Sadly, her post for this year's blogathon (which is on the Perry Mason episode "The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise") is her final blog post. Anyway, I am grateful to have known Paddy and grateful for her support all these years. I can safely speak for the entire classic film and TV show fan community when I saw that we all loved Paddy Lee.

For those of you who are participating in the blogathon, I ask that you link to this page. I will be updating this page with links to the various blog posts that are part of this blogathon throughout the weekend. If you want a graphic for your post, I have several on the announcement page here.

Without further ado, here are this year's posts.

Caftan Woman: Perry Mason: "The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise"

Realweegiemidget Reviews: TV… On a Tag Spin Off with a Prime Time, Soap Opera Style Twist…

By Rich Watson: The “Other” Wrigley Field Was the Setting For a Twilight Zone Episode

Cinematic Scribblings: The Adventures of Pete & Pete" "Grounded for Life" (1994)

Taking Up Room: The Wonder Years: "Shall We Dance?"

Another Old Movie Blog: Peter Gunn Meets Diahann Carroll--"Sing a Song of Murder"

The Caffeinated Fangirl: The 8th Annual Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon: Combat!--"Billy the Kid"

Moon in Gemini: The Odd Couple: "Password"

Silver Scenes - A Blog for Classic Film Lovers: The Avengers - "You Have Just Been Murdered ( 1967 )"

A Shroud of Thoughts: Maverick: "Hadley's Hunters"

Crítica Retrô: Retro Cartoon: Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

Whimsically Classic: "Favorite TV Show Blogathon--"Rhoda, The Beautiful," The Mary Tyler Moore Show

: Sports Analogies Hidden In Classic Movies – Volume 127: “The Rockford Files – Foul on the First Play”

Hamlette's Soliloquy:
"Good Old Reliable Me" (Five Mile Creek) 1984

Cinemaven's Essays from the Couch: The Golden Girls: “Isn't It Romantic?”


Rebecca Deniston said...

Hi, Terence! Here's my post:

Eva said...

What a wonderful idea, to dedicate the blogathon to Paddy! <3

Here's my entry:

Thank you for hosting this once again! So much fun. :)

Debbie Vega said...

Thank you for dedicating this to Paddy, what a perfect tribute.

My post is now live:

The Metzinger Sisters said...

So nice to see you dedicate this event to Paddy, she is indeed missed! Here is my entry for the blogathon:
Thanks for hosting this again, Terence! I always enjoy it.


I'm glad you're dedicating this event to Paddy. I thought a lot about her while writing my entry.
Here it is:

Kayla said...

Here's my post about "Rhoda the Beautiful" from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Whimsically Classic


J-Dub said...

Here's my contribution -

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

I love that you dedicated this to Paddy Lee. That's beautiful.

Here's my review of "Good Old Reliable Me", a 1984 ep of Five Mile Creek.

CineMaven said...

Hello everyone !!! It's CineMaven's Essays from the Couch here, and I bring the late great Betty White to the party for the
"The 8th Annual Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon: In Memory of Paddy Lee"

Paddy ~ my oh my, she is so very missed. Such a loss! Great dedication to her, Terence. Take good care one and all!