Thursday, December 17, 2020

TCM Remembers 2020

Yesterday Turner Classic Movies released the 2020 edition of TCM Remembers, their annual tribute to those movie figures who have died in the past year. This year saw more film-related personages die than other years, and many of them were big names. This year has seen the deaths of Rhonda Fleming, Alex Trebek, Sean Connery, Orson Bean, Honor Blackman, Carl Reiner Olivia de Havilland, Dame Diana Rigg, and many others. Because of the sheer number of film-related individuals who have died this year, it seems to me that most are displayed on screen more briefly than they had in past years. Of course, with as many people who have died this year, TCM was bound to miss a few. Robert Conrad, Adam Slesinger, James Drury, and Dame Barbara Windsor were not included this year's TCM Remembers. I have to think they might be added later.

Anyhow, here is this year's TCM Remembers:

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Drala said...

Stunning. Any idea who the artist is who sang “Stopping by Snowy Woods” throughout the video? It’s a wonderful rendition but Shazam doesn’t recognize it. Thanks!