Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Super Bowl Commercials 2020

I did not watch the Super Bowl again this year. I know that many of my fellow Missourians will protest, "But the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl!" While I think it is nice for my friends who are fans of the team that the Chiefs were not only in the Super Bowl, but won the Super Bowl, I have never been a Kansas City Chiefs fan myself. Indeed, until St. Louis gets another NFL team, I doubt I will ever watch another Super Bowl in my life. Of course, while I don't watch the Super Bowl, I do make a point of watching the commercials, which to me are more important than the game in most years.

Sadly, this year's batch of Super Bowl commercials weren't particularly impressive. Oh, there were very few commercials that were really bad, but there were also very few that were really good either. One way in which this year's batch of Super Bowl ads differed from previous years is that there really weren't any overarching themes this year. Several contain movie references, but that seems to be par for the course in most Super Bowls. Here are my favourite ads to air this year in the Super Bowl.

Jeep "Groundhog Day"

Not only is this my favourite Super Bowl commercial this year, but it is also one of my all time favourite Super Bowl commercials. In "Groundhog Day" Bill Murray once more finds himself reliving Groundhog Day over and over again with one major difference--the addition of a Jeep Rubicon. What makes this commercial so good is that it is not only very funny, but it respects the classic Groundhog Day (1993). If I might add one more thing, I have to say that I appreciate that the spot actually aired on Groundhog Day!

Mountain Dew Zero "As Good as the Original"

Of course, Jeep's "Groundhog Day" spot was not the only commercial to reference a classic film. Mountain Dew Zero's "As Good as the Original" references The Shining (1980), with Bryan Cranston in the role of Jack (as well as two other surprise roles at the end). While not as good as "Groundhog Day," "As Good as the Original" is very funny, and Bryan Cranston does a great job as Jack Torrance.

Walmart "Famous Visitors 6.0"

In "Famous Visitors 6.0," Walmart doesn't just reference one movie, but a whole slough of films (and one classic TV show), including Star Trek, Flash Gordon (1980), Toy Story (1995), Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989), Mars Attacks! (1996), Men in Black (1997), and Star Wars (1977). My only criticism of the spot is that C-3PO's voice sounds a bit off, as if Anthony Daniels wasn't the one providing his voice. Anyhow, I suspect many sci-fi fans will enjoy the spot.

Rocket Mortgage "Jason Momoa"

Of course, not every Super Bowl commercial referenced movies. Some used celebrities instead. One of the things I love about actor Jason Momoa is that he isn't afraid to make fun of himself. It then comes as no surprise that he agreed to appear in this commercial then.

Doritos "The Cool Ranch"

Okay, the genre of country rap basically combines my two least favourite music genres. For that reason, I don't particularly care for the song "Old Town Road." That having been said, I really liked this spot in which Sam Elliott has a dance showdown with Li'l Nas X, particularly given the ad visually references Spaghetti Westerns.

Squarespace "Winona in Winona"

This commercial doesn't seem to have made many best lists, but it is one of my favourites. I guess one has to have a certain sense of humour to appreciate Winona Ryder creating a website while in Winona, Minnesota (which, believe it or not, is where she was born). I also appreciate the spot's Fargo type vibe (despite its title, the majority of the film is set in, well, Minnesota). Also, I appreciate that Winona is still as adorable as ever.

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