Friday, August 2, 2019

The 6th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon is Here!

The Sixth Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon has arrived! The Rule, Britannia Blogathon is meant to celebrate classic, British films. While many think of Hollywood when they think of movies, the fact is that many classic films originated in the United Kingdom. From the Gainsborough melodramas to the Ealing comedies to the Hammer Horrors, the United Kingdom has made many contributions to classic film. The British Invaders Blogathon will last from today (August 2 2019) to Sunday (August 4 2019).

Cinematic Scribblings: "The Show Must Go On: The Entertainer (1960)"

Cinema Essentials: "Hell is a City (1960)"

Caftan Woman: "The 6th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon: The Detective (1954)" 

MovieRob: "A Single Man (2009)"

The Stop Button: "Gregory's Girl (1980, Bill Forsyth)"

Cinema Essentials: "The Iron Maiden (1962)" 

Pale Writer: "The Importance of First Impressions: Pride and Prejudice (2005)"

Realweegiemidget Reviews: "FILMS… I Don't Want to be Born / The Devil Within Her / The Monster/ Sharon's Baby (1975)" 

MovieRob: "The 6th Annual Rule Britannia Blogathon – Robin and Marian (1976)"

Silver Scenes: "20 Great Little Known British Films of the 1940s-1960s" 

Crítica Retrô: "A Dama de Espadas (1949)/The Queen of Spades (1949)"

A Shroud of Thoughts: "Genevieve (1953)" 

Moon in Gemini: "The 6th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon: The L-Shaped Room (1962)"

MovieRob: "The 6th Annual Rule, Britannia Blogathon: The Yellow Rolls Royce (1964)" 

Silver Scenes: "Nor the Moon by Night (1958)" 

Retromoviebuff: "Crooked House: Gaslight (1940)" 


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The Iron Maiden has landed!

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Hi hi! I hope you're well! Here's my contribution :) I hope you enjoy it!

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Hi there, Hope all good with you! Here's my post for the blogathon, from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews...

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Here's our post for the blogathon:

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"Nor the Moon by Night" ( 1958 ) took me a while decide, but I couldn't pass up on this delicious jungle adventure.

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