Saturday, July 13, 2019

New Old Time Radio Page

Yesterday's post on the radio show revival of the Seventies got me to thinking about how I should really write more about Old Time Radio. It also got me to thinking about the various posts I have written about Old Time Radio through the years. I decided to create a new page where all of my posts on Old Time Radio would be collected.

Obviously I am much too young to remember Old Time Radio. After all, I was born six months after Old Time Radio came to an end when the last episodes of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Suspense aired on September 30 1962. That having been said, I knew about Old Time Radio from an early age. My parents told me about Old Time Radio shows such as Fibber McGee & Molly and One Man's Family. When I was in third grade our teacher, Mary Simons (who was also a family friend), played old episodes of The Lone Ranger for us. With more and more Old Time Radio shows becoming available on vinyl and cassette, I would eventually hear episodes of The Mercury Theatre on the Air, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, and others. I have then been a fan of Old Time Radio most of my life.

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