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Alan Stafford's New Novel, Bonkore!

Alan Stafford, photo by Lynda George
Alan Stafford, author of the non-fiction books Too Naked for the Nazis (a biography of the music hall act Wilson, Keppel and Betty) and It's Friday, It's Crackerjack! (about the long running British children's show Crackerjack!) has a new book out. Bonkore!: Second Coming of a Sex Comedy is Mr. Stafford's debut novel. You can read about it in the press release below.



The Carry Ons are to return – brand new and ‘politically correct’. But do they have any place in the modern world? And would a cleaned-up Carry On raise as much as a titter?

Comedy writer Alan Stafford’s new novel – BONKORE! Second Coming of a Sex Comedy imagines just such a situation, and Alan has his doubts. ‘It’s easy to forget what a woeful state the Carry Ons were in towards the end. Both Carry On England and Carry On Emmannuelle tried to push the barrier of smuttiness and nudity but never really succeeded. Even before these movies were released, the sex comedy was now X-rated, heralded by Robin Askwith’s Confessions of a Window Cleaner. The Carry Ons were too saucy for some – but not nearly saucy enough for many others.  They’d well and truly lost their way.’

Alan’s debut novel – BONKORE! – imagines a Confessions-type movie franchise that is abruptly cut short when one of the actors suddenly and mysteriously dies midway through filming. But there’s a twist. A present-day movie director comes along and plans to finish the incomplete movie with the original cast, who are by now far older than when the movie began.

‘It’s the usual tale of a group of ageing actors reuniting to shoot a naughty movie set in outer space,’ says Alan.

Alan finds it slightly bizarre that just weeks after the publication of his novel, life is imitating art. ‘The idea of the Carry Ons returning to a world where they no longer belong, is exactly the situation I explore in my book. Logically, it’s doomed to failure, but everyone is swept along on a wave of enthusiasm and never really questions the folly of this enterprise. The whole premise behind this bizarre plan is a mystery – which can only be solved by reading to the end!’

And does Alan think the Carry Ons have any chance of success? ‘It all comes down to the writing – though, as I writer, you’d expect me to say that. We’ve seen any number of disastrous remakes in recent years, but just occasionally the production team really pull it off. I expected to hate the reboot of the St Trinians films – but there was a strong cast and a strong script that transformed all the schoolgirl shenanigans into something relevant to a present day audience. Let’s just hope the Carry Ons can do the same. And if they need any help, they only have to ask.’

Bonkore! Second Coming of a Sex Comedy is published in paperback and on Kindle by KGHH Publishing and available from Amazon.



Why would anyone wish to resurrect the saucy sex comedy? Surely it died a natural death decades ago. Along with one unnatural death. An actor who killed both himself and an entire movie. And now, out of the blue, a fresh young director is keen to complete that movie – with the original cast!

Thus begins leading lady Amanda’s improbable quest – to seek out her co-stars and persuade them to strip off and get sexy for one last movie. But will her fellow performers be in any shape (mental or physical) to face the unforgiving glare of the studio lights? Nostalgia and neuralgia, libido and lumbago collide in this sometimes wry and wistful, sometimes bizarre and bawdy, sex comedy about the making of a sex comedy. Expect a bumpy ride as the old gang reassemble for a final bonkbusting encore … BONKORE! … a delicious debut novel from comedy writer Alan Stafford.

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