Monday, June 3, 2019

The Best Posts from June 4 2018 to June 3 2019

Every year on the anniversary of A Shroud of Thoughts I post what I consider to be my best posts from the past year. That having been said, tomorrow is a bit of a milestone for A Shroud of Thoughts. Quite simply, tomorrow it will be 15 years since I launched this blog. For that reason tomorrow I plan to post my favourite posts from the past 15 years. I then decided to post my favourite posts from the past year today.

Those of you who know me and even those who don't know me, but regularly read this blog, know that the past several months have been very hard on me. In fact, they have been the hardest months of my entire life. It was on August 30 2018 that actress Vanessa Marquez was killed. It would be the beginning of a prolonged period of mourning that I am still going through. Not only were Vanessa and I very close, not only did I consider her my best friend, but I was and still am hopelessly, desperately in love with her. I have no doubt that I made fewer posts between last June and this June than I have any other time in the history of A Shroud of Thoughts. In fact, last year was the first time ever that I wrote fewer than three blog posts a week. Quite simply, the past nine months there have been times when I did not feel like writing in the blog at all.

Of course, this year would not make blogging any easier for me. I am convinced that 2019 may be the year when more celebrities important to me have died than any other year since I started blogging. In fact, there have been only two weeks this year that I wrote absolutely no eulogies: the week of February 10 and the week of May 19. Between mourning Vanessa and having to eulogise such people as Julie Adams, Stanley Donen, Peter Tork, Doris Day, and Tim Conway, I haven't had the time to write the blog posts I would like to write!

Anyway, without further ado, then, here are the best posts from June 4 2018 to June 3 2019.

"When Anime Was a Dirty Word," June 14 2018

"The 50th Anniversary of Yellow Submarine," July 17 2018

"The 25th Anniversary of The X-Files," September 10 2018

"Stand and Deliver Turned 30," October 5 2018

"West Side Story (1961)," October 13 2018

"Stop Complaining About Turner Classic Movies," October 18 2018

"The 50th Anniversary of The Monkees' Movie Head," November 6 2018

"The 50th Birthday of My Dearest Vanessa Marquez," December 21 2018

"50 Years Ago the TV Show Turn-On Got Turned Off," February 5 2019

"The 100th Birthday of Nat King Cole," March 17 2019

"ER 'Night Shift'," March 23 2019

"The Original Captain Marvel," April 11 2019

"The 25th Anniversary of Turner Classic Movies," April 14 2019

"The Good Humor Man (1950)," April 26 2019

"Lux Radio Theatre," May 2 2019

"The Power of the Dark Side: Darth Vader," May 25 2019

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