Friday, November 16, 2018

A Few Updates

Today has proven to be a difficult one with regard to making blog posts. Sadly, that has not been unusual for me since August 30 2018. Nothing has ever disrupted work on my blog the way that Vanessa's death has. I sometimes find it a struggle to keep the blog going. Indeed, it was about a month ago that I wrote only two posts in an entire week. That is a first for A Shroud of Thoughts, as I have always previously written at least three posts per week. To make matters worse, legendary novelist and screenwriter William Goldman has just died. Having just written a eulogy for Stan Lee, I did not quite feel up to writing another epic eulogy. I will then simply provide you with a few updates on myself, this blog, and the classic film community.

As to myself, I have entered the TCM 25 Anniversary Fan Contest. For those few of you might not have heard about it, in honour of their 25th anniversary next April, Turner Classic Movies is holding a contest in which the individual makes video dedicating a film to a special someone in his or her life. Twenty five lucky fans will be chosen to introduce the film on TCM with Ben Mankiewicz. I won't name the film I chose, although I think anyone who knows me can guess to whom I am dedicating it. Of course, if one knows to whom I am dedicating a film, it probably wouldn't be too hard to guess which film it is. Some of my TCMParty pals have also entered, including Beth Ann of Spellbound by Movies, Chris of Blog of the Damned, and Kellee of Outspoken and Freckled. If I am chosen as one of the 25, it will actually be my second time on TCM. Many of you will remembered that in April 2015 I introduced A Hard Day's Night with Ben as a fan favourite.

With regards to this blog, I will be posting my usual schedule of holiday movies airing on Turner Classic Movies in December later this month. And, of course, next Thursday will be my traditional Thanksgiving pinups. Next month I will also have a post on the wonderful Thelma Ritter for this year's "What a Character!" blogathon, as well as my usual holiday posts (although this year they will be interrupted on December 21 by a very special post).

Of course, I assume most classic film buffs have heard the news about FilmStruck, the beloved streaming service that was a joint venture between Turner Classic Movies and Criterion. Sadly, Warner Media announced that FilmStruck will be shutting down on November 29. This led to an outpouring of support for the service, with such luminaries as Guillermo del Toro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, and others weighing in. While it appears that FilmStruck is history despite such support, yesterday Criterion announced the launch of a new streaming service, the Criterion Channel, next spring. This news has made many classic film buffs happy. As for myself, I would also like to see a revival of Warner Archive Instant. They never did add the classic Warner Bros. TV shows to Filmstruck!

Anyhow, that is all I have for now. I hope to have William Goldman's eulogy ready for tomorrow. If not, there might be another filler post!


Caftan Woman said...

Take the time you need for you. You run the blog, don't let it run you. We'll still be here.

Evil Woman Blues said...

Don't be discouraged. There are people out here who actually read this blog every day. Dennis