Monday, October 24, 2016

Some Vintage Halloween Ads

Halloween has long been celebrated in the United States. It has also been commercialised for literally decades. Over the years advertisers have capitalised on the holiday, particularly in selling candy. Here are a few ads from a few decades in the 20th Century.

Here is a Crisco advert from 1936. Today it might seem odd for Crisco (which is a brand of shortening, for those of you who don't know) to have a Halloween themed ad, but in the Thirties many people still baked treats for Halloween rather than buying them in a store.

Here is a Curtis Candy Company ad from 1946. Trick or treating originated in the early 20th Century, spreading from western Canada and the northwest United States eastward. By the late Thirties it had reached the East Coast. Naturally advertisers were quick to take advantage of the newly established custom.

A Brach's candy ad from 1958. With improved colour photography, magazine advertisements changed dramatically in the Fifties. Where once adverts would have used illustrations, they now used photos in full colour.

Another Brach's ad, this one from 1962. To a degree this ad is a bit anachronistic. In 1962 instead of wearing home-made costumes, the kids might well be wearing store-bought costumes of the sort manufacture by Ben Cooper, Collegeville, or Halco.

And lastly, here is a Wrigley's Gum ad from 1974. Cartoon-style art was very popular in the Seventies, appearing in magazines, newspapers, and comic books.

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