Friday, August 5, 2016

The Third Annual British Invaders Blogathon

The Third Annual British Invaders Blogathon has arrived! For those who did not see the initial announcement regarding the blogathon, the British Invaders Blogathon is meant to celebrate the best in British classic films. While many think of Hollywood when they think of movies, the fact is that many classic films originated in the United Kingdom. From the Gainsborough melodramas to the Ealing comedies to Alfred Hitchcock to Tony Richardson, the United Kingdom has made many contributions to classic film. The British Invaders Blogathon will last from today (August 5 2016) to Sunday (August 8 2016).

I am glad to say we have a wide range of posts lined up that span the history of British film from the Thirties to the Eighties. For those participating in the blogathon, simply let me know in a comment here, a message on Twitter, or an email and I will add it to the list. And please remember to link to this page using one of the images from the introductory post! I want to thank everyone who is participating!

Anyhow, without further ado, here are the posts:

Realweegiemidget Reviews: "Gormless Gregory gets a girl: Reviewing Gregory’s Girl (1981)"

 Cinematic Scribblings: "Not Any Man’s Property: Far from the Madding Crowd (1967)"

MovieMovieBlogBlog: "Clockwise (1985) – John Cleese in a very well-timed farce"

Thoughts All Sorts: "Great British Comedy: Ask a Policeman"

The Flapper Dame: "Why I love The 39 Steps (1935)"

Crítica Retrô: "Neste Mundo e no Outro / A Matter of Life and Death (aka Stairway to Heaven, 1946)"

The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog: "The British Invaders Blogathon: Cone of Silence (AKA Trouble in the Sky)"

Old Hollywood Films: "Great Expectations (1946)"  

Sometimes they go to Eleven: "It Always Rains on Sunday"

The Midnite Drive-In: "Quiggy Does Musicals?" Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Floyd-The Wall"

The Wonderful World of Cinema: "Young and Innocent, a Typical Hitchcock British Film Indeed!"  

Moon in Gemini: "The Kubrick Masterpiece Missed by the Critics: Barry Lyndon (1975)"

A Shroud of Thoughts: "Hammer Films' The Brides of Dracula (1960)"  

Vitaphone Dreamer: "The Red Shoes (1948)"

Prowler Needs a Jump: "So Long at the Fair (1950)"  

Defiant Success: "Local Hero (1983)"


Steve Bailey said...

My blogathon entry is now live at:

Flapper Dame 16 said...

Hello there! I love you do this blogathon annually Here is my entry for the 39 steps!

Quiggy said...

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try and correct an error in my past (see review). Enjoy!

Virginie Pronovost said...

Here's my contribution to the blogathon Terence! Thanks so much for hosting :)

Unknown said...

Hi Terry!
I'm very sorry but I won't be able to participate this time - I accidentally signed up for way too many blogathons in August and have just arrived back from a long holiday, so I didn't have time to write any posts yet. I hope everything goes well with your blogathon! Have fun!
Domi - Little Bits of Classics

Debbie Vega said...

My post is now live:

Terence Towles Canote said...

That's okay, Domi! Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! I know I have trouble with it sometimes. :-)

cineyogi said...

Nice piece on BARRY LYNDON. The only issue is the film has been much appreciated recently --in several screenings at the BFI in London and in a book I wrote in 2014. MAKING TIME IN STANLEY KUBRICK'S BARRY LYNDON (2014 Bloomsbury Press)--available in paperback! Best Wishes, Maria Pramaggiore

Terence Towles Canote said...

cineyogi, you might want to comment on the blog post itself! I don't know that the author would see your comment here.