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A Classic Holiday Movie Guide for December

Tomorrow is December 1. Not only is it the first day of the month in which Christmas Day falls, but it is also the day when many of us are finally in the mood for holiday movies. With the many cable channels today there is ample opportunity for classic film buffs to see their favourite films. Of course, as might be expected, the bulk of them air on Turner Classic Movies. In fact, TCM has dedicated Friday nights primarily to Yuletide films.

Here I should talk a little bit about the movies included in this guide and the guide itself. First, I have included only those films I consider Christmas movies. It is for that reason that I don't include films like Little Women or Meet Me in St. Louis (although I do love the latter film), even though they are shown frequently at this time of year. Second, I generally only consider a film a classic after it has been around thirty years. Quite simply, I think a movie has to have stood the test of time before it is considered a classic. That having been said, I know some people might consider films classics after shorter periods of time (say, twenty or even ten years), so I have included some more recent films here too. Of course, in those instances I have only included those films that I think might one day become classic (which is why you don't see Christmas with the Kranks on this list). Third, I have listed the films by the cable channels or networks on which they are airing. Fourth, all times are Central, so if you live in another time zone you'll want to adjust the times accordingly. Fifth, I won't claim this list is complete, as I know I've probably missed some films and even entire channels. I also have to point out that AMC only has their schedule up for the next two weeks, They probably will show Miracle on 34th Street again later in the month (and in glorious black and white at that). They have in past years.

Here I have to give a shout-out to GetTV. While GetTV is not showing any holiday films this year, they are showing a lot of classic Christmas variety television specials, including Bing Crosby and Andy Williams specials. I also have to give a shout-out to MeTV, who is showing classic Christmas episodes of TV shows. And, of course, the ABC Family Channel is showing a lot of the classic Rankin/Bass holiday specials. If you're a fan of classsic TV, there's a good deal for you to watch this month!

Without further ado, here's my holiday movie guide. I'm starting off with Turner Classic Movies, as they show more Christmas movies than any other.

Turner Classic Movies:
December 4
It Happened on 5th Avenue 7:00 PM
Meet John Doe 9:15 PM
Period of Adjustment 11:30 PM

December 11
The Man Who Came to Dinner 7:00 PM
Scrooge (1970) 9:00 PM
A Christmas Carol (1938) 11:00 PM

December 13
Scrooge AKA A Christmas Carol (1935) 7:30 AM 
Christmas in Connecticut 11:00 AM

December 14
Carol for Another Christmas 3:30 AM

December 17
Babes in Toyland (1961) 9:00 PM

December 18
I'll Be Seeing You 7:00 PM
Christmas in Connecticut 8:30 PM
Remember the Night 10:30 PM
Holiday Affair 12:15 AM

December 19
The  Shop Around the Corner 7:00 PM

December 20
Scrooge (1970) 7:00 AM
It Happened on 5th Avenue 9:00 AM

December 24
Bush Christmas 4:15 AM
The Great Rupert 5:45 AM
A Christmas Carol (1938) 8:15 AM
Meet John Doe 11:00 AM
Christmas in Connecticut 1:15 PM
Holiday Affair 3:15 PM
The Bishop's Wife 7:00 PM

December 25
The Shop Around the Corner 1:45 AM
Scrooge (1970) 7:45 AM
3 Godfathers (1948) 9:45 AM
I'll Be Seeing You 11:45 AM
The Man Who Came to Dinner 1:15 PM
It Happened on 5th Avenue 5:00 PM

ABC Family Channel:
December 1 
The Polar Express 6:00  PM

December 5 
The Nightmare Before Christmas  11:30 PM

December 6
 The Polar Express 1:30 PM

December 7 
Love Actually 12:00 Noon

December 8 
The Polar Express 7:45 PM

December 16
The Polar Express 7:15 PM

December 17 
Love Actually 9:15 AM
The Polar Express 5:30 PM

December 20
The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 PM

December 24
The Nightmare Before Christmas 2:15 PM

December 25 
The Nightmare Before Christmas 11:30 AM

December 9
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 4:30 PM (Warning: Colourised)

December 10
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 6:00 PM (Warning: Colourised)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 8:15 PM (Warning: Colourised)
White Christmas 10:30 PM

December 11
White Christmas 1:15 PM


December 5  
It's a Wonderful Life 7:00 PM

December 24
It's a Wonderful Life 7:00 PM

 December 24
A Christmas Story 7:00 PM (and for the next 24 hours as well).

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