Friday, October 9, 2015

The Birthday of Two Fellows Named John

October 9 must be a very good date for British rock and roll. It was on this date that two members of legendary British bands from the Sixties were born. Many people know that October 9 is the birthday of John Lennon, founding member and leader of The Beatles. Not so many people know that it is also the birthday of John Entwistle, founding member and original bassist of The Who. Today is the 75th anniversary of John Lennon's birth--he was born on October 9 1940. Today is the seventy first anniversary of John Entwistle's birth--he was born on October 9 1944.

Without further ado here are two songs by each of these two men named John. First is John Lennon with his classic song "Imagine". Second is John Entwistle's song "My Wife", performed by The Who.

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