Friday, July 17, 2015

Lyndsy Spence's Post About Margaret Lockwood on the History Press Blog

On July 4 2015 legendary English actress Margaret Lockwood was honoured with a blue plaque from the Heritage Foundation at the home where she lived the last years of  her life in Kingston upon Thames. Tuesday, July 15 2015, marked the 25th anniversary of Miss Lockwood's death at age 73. Next year will see the 100th anniversary of Margaret Lockwood's birth on September 15 1916. She was the top actress in the United Kingdom in the Forties and starred in such films as Bank Holiday (1938), The Lady Vanishes (1938), Night Train to Munich (1940), and The Wicked Lady (1945). She still has a fanatically loyal following in the United Kingdom, the Untied States, and elsewhere. It should come as no surprise that she is receiving so much attention of late.

My friend, author Lyndsy Spence, had the honour of writing a post on Margaret Lockwood, her fabulous career, and the installation of the blue plaque at her former home in Kingston Upon Thames. You can read it here. If you are a fan of Margaret Lockwood you will definitely want to read this well written piece. And if you are not already a fan of Miss Lockwood, Miss Spence's blog post is a good opportunity to learn about one of the greatest English actresses of the mid-20th Century.

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