Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Pictorial Tribute to Paulette Goddard

Today is Paulette Goddard's birthday. As to what year that blessed event occurred, that is anyone's guess. Some sources say 1910, others day 1911, and yet others claim 1914. Ronco sopra Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland, where she died, claimed 1905, although that seems entirely too early. She would have been 31 years old when she made Modern Times (1936)!  Regardless, I have always had a bit of a crush on Paulette Goddard ever since I first saw her in The Ghost Breakers (1940) with Bob Hope. She was both beautiful and talented. Indeed, many people don't realise that she was almost cast as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind. As much as I love Vivien Leigh, I think Paulette Goddard would have delivered a very good performance as Scarlett. Of course, film history would have unfolded very differently if she had!

In tribute to Paulette Goddard on what is her birthday, here are a few photos of one of my all time favourite actresses.


CineMaven said...

I'm glad to see another fan of PAULETTE GODDARD's here in the classic film world. But why would I think I'd be alone. My friend and I were waxing on about Goddard a few weeks ago. How she'd be a regular gal, sharing beer ( or champagne ) and giving us good hearty bawdy advice on men. If I'm not out of line here, I'd like you to check out what my friend wrote about her. You can check out this link: ( )

Hurray to Paulette Goddard. She's worth seeing in any movie. Now, I think I've got some British Invaders to write about.

Terence Towles Canote said...

That was a wonderful piece your friend wrote about Paulette. She certainly was one of the most wonderful actresses of her time. She was always worth watching!