Monday, March 30, 2015

Thank You for a Successful Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon!

I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Favourite TV Show Blogathon for making it a success. The blogathon not only boasted several entries, but also a wide variety of entries. We had everything from posts on poplar favourites to lesser known, more obscure TV shows. We also had posts devoted to both American and British shows. And I think very nearly every genre of scripted television shows was covered! I must say that I was very impressed with all of the posts. All of you did a very good job.

As I said in the official post for the blogathon, I have decided to make the Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon an annual event. It will still be in March, although next year I plan to pay a bit more attention so it does not conflict with the Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival (which I hope to attend)! I also have the second annual British Invaders Blogathon coming up in August (the official announcement will be in early June), so you might want to start thinking about that if you enjoy blogathons!

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations on jobs well done!


Eva said...

I had so much fun with this blogathon. :) I only discovered the joys of classic television a few months ago, but I'm already quite obsessed...and writing/reading about things I love is one of my favorite pastimes, so this blogathon was the perfect event for me. Thanks so much for hosting it!

Caftan Woman said...

Great fun! Thanks for hosting. Looking forward to next year.

Hal said...

Thanks for hosting! I look forward to participating next year and had a lot of fun doing it this year.