Monday, February 16, 2015

Two Songs by Lesley Gore

Today I have felt a bit under the weather as well as taking care of a sick cat on top of that. It is for that reason I don't feel like writing a complete eulogy for Lesley Gore. For those who don't know, the singer/songwriter, best known for such songs as "It's My Party", 'You Don't Own Me", and  "Judy's Turn to Cry", died today at the age of 68. The cause was lung cancer.

What could be Lesley Gore's two best known songs could be considered to have feminist tones. In the case of "It's My Party", a young girl is determined to cry regardless of society's norms regarding not crying at parties (especially one's own). Essentially the song is about a young woman asserting her right to express her emotions at any time she chooses. "You Don't Own Me" is an even stronger expression of feminism. "You Don't Own Me" makes it clear that she is not simply her boyfriend's property and demands that she be allowed to live her life as she chooses. Compared to the typical love songs of the era, "You Don't Own Me" was extremely progressive in tone.

Anyhow, here is "It's My Party" and "You Don't Own Me". I will write a full eulogy for Lesley Gore tomorrow.

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