Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Protect Net Neutrality

As this blog is dedicated to pop culture I try to avoid politics here. That having been said, I make an exception when a particular issue might well affect this blog. Sadly, an issue has arisen lately that would not only have an impact on this blog, but the entire internet (at least here in the Untied States). Quite simply, the Federal Communications Commission is considering a change to their regulations that would allow internet service providers to create "fast lanes" for those companies that can afford them. Those of us who could not afford to pay would then be stuck in the "slow lane".

Since the very beginning the internet has functioned under the principle of net neutrality, the idea that ISPs and governments should not favour one user, site, platform, or form of content over others. Net neutrality is vital to the survival of an open internet. It encourages both innovation and competition, and it insures a consistent experience for users across the web insofar as one site is not going to faster than others. The creation of "fast lanes" would essentially bring an end to net neutrality, and hence the internet as we know it.

If you want the internet to remain open and want net neutrality to continue, I then suggest you contact your Congressman, your senators, and the FCC itself. If you're an American and use the internet, it is very much to  your benefit to do so.

Here is a link to Fight for the Future's "Battle for the Net" site, which has a convenient form where you can contact lawmakers and let them know to keep net neutrality in place.

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