Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TCM Summer Under the Stars 2014

In about two weeks it will be August and for Turner Classic Movies fans that means Summer Under the Stars. For those unfamiliar with Summer Under the Stars, it is a month long event with each day devoted to a single star. Below is TCM's promo for this year.

And below is the list of stars being honoured this year by day.

1st: Jane Fonda
2nd: David Niven
3rd: Walter Pidgeon
4th: Judy Garland
5th: Barbara Stanwyck
6th: Paul Muni
7th: James Stewart
8th: Jeanne Moreau
9th: William Powell
10th: Carole Lombard
11th: Marlon Brando
12th: Alexis Smith
13th: Cary Grant
14th: Charles Chaplin
15th: Faye Dunaway
16th: Herbert Marshall
17th: John Hodiak
18th: Claudette Colbert
19th: Paul Newman
20th: Thelma Ritter
21st: Lee Tracy
22nd: Audrey Hepburn
23rd: Ernest Borgnine
24th: Gladys George
25th: Dick Powell
26th: Sophia Loren
27th: Edmund O'Brien
28th: Arlene Dahl
29th: Joseph Cotten
30th: Betty Grable
31st: Alan Ladd

This year's Summer Under the Stars will see the premieres of  a few films new to TCM (not counting documentaries). I have listed them below by date and star.

8 August Jeanne Moreau:  La Baie des Anges (1963) and Les Amants (1958)
10 August Carole Lombard:  True Confession (1937)
13 August Cary Grant: Hot Sunday (1932)
15 August Faye Dunaway: Cold Sassy Tree (1989)
16 August Herbert Marshall: The Underworld Story (1950)
17 August John Hodiak: Battle Zone (1952) and A Bell for Adano (1945)
18 August Claudette Colbert: Skylark (1941) and Remember the Day (1941)
20 August Thelma Ritter: The Second Time Around (1961) and For Love or Money (1963)
27 August Edmund O'Brien: An Act of Murder (1948)
30 August Betty Grable: Give Me a Sailor (1938), Meet Me After the Show (1951), The Dolly Sisters (1945), and I Wake Up Screaming (1941).
31 August Alan Ladd: Santiago (1956)

 I have to say I am impressed with this year's list of stars and I am happy that they have included a number of character actors as well as foreign stars. It is also nice to see that there will be many films airing that have never been shown on TCM before. I rather suspect I will not be the only person whose television will be turned to TCM for much of August!

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