Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Look

If you're a regular reader of A Shroud of Thoughts, you might notice that the blog looks a little different. In anticipation of the blog's 10th anniversary on 4 June 2014 I decided that it was time to give A Shroud of Thoughts a new look. The most obvious change is the new background colour. I wanted to get away from the black that I've used on this blog for literally years, but at the same time have a colour that would not blind me. After some experimentation I found the sort of light grey that the blog currently has. The only other real change was cleaning up the right sidebar. I might make a few other changes to the blog, but I will have to think on those. Regardless of what I do, I'm keeping the two sidebars, as there just isn't room enough on one!

If you're curious, here is what A Shroud of Thoughts  has looked like in the past:


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