Friday, April 25, 2014

Ella Fitzgerald in St. Louis Blues

Today in 1917 Ella Fitzgerald was born. The Queen of Jazz made only a few film appearances in her career, so it is very notable when she showed on the big screen. This is one of her appearances in film, her cameo as herself in St. Louis Blues (1958). The film starred Nat King Cole as blues composer W. C. Handy. It also featured a cast that reads like a Who's Who of American music, including Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway, Mahalia Jackson, Pearl Bailey, and a very young Billy Preston (who played W. C. Handy as a boy).

Without further ado, here is Ella Fitzgerald's part in the film. She is performing "If Beale Street Could Talk".


Hal said...

Always great to see Ella, although her appearance in the film as herself is anachronistic, since it is set during W.C. Handy's early adulthood (mostly before she was born!).

Terence Towles Canote said...

Yes, definitely anachronistic! W. C. Handy was born in 1873, while Ella wouldn't be born until 1917! Still good to see her in the film.