Wednesday, November 13, 2013

45 Years Ago Today Yellow Submarine Had Its New York City Premiere

It was 45 years ago today, on 13 November 1968, that the animated feature film Yellow Submarine, had its American premiere in New York City. While The Beatles' involvement in the film was minimal (they didn't even provide the voices for their characters in the film), it has come to be counted by many as one of their films. At the time it was a historic film. Not only was it the first animated feature film to utilise a rock soundtrack, but it was also one of the earliest to make use of pop art and psychedelia. Since it's premiere in London on 17 July 1968 it has since become regarded as a classic. In fact, Time magazine included it in their list of "The 25 All-Time Best Animated Films". The film boasts an impressive a 96% percent rating on the web site Rotten Tomatoes.

In honour of the anniversary of the Stateside premiere of Yellow Submarine, I have two treats for you. The first is the film's original trailer. The second is a mini-documentary on the film.

Yellow Submarine - The Trailer from Motherlode Media on Vimeo.

The Beatles Mini Documentaries - Yellow Submarine from Ryan Wells on Vimeo.

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