Friday, September 13, 2013

Claudette Colbert: A Pictoral Tribtue on Her 110th Birthday

It was 110 years ago today, on 13 September 1913, that actress Claudette Colbert was born. She remains popular today, over fifty years after her last appearance in a feature film and over twenty five years since her last appearance on television. And there should be little wonder that Claudette Colbert's popularity should continue over the years. She was undoubtedly a beautiful woman, and a woman whose beauty did not fade over the years. She was 39 when she made The Palm Beach Story, yet she did not look much different than she did in her twenties.

Of course, while Claudette Colbert was beautiful, it is because of her talent that she has remained popular over the years. While Claudette Colbert made her share of dramas, it is for her skill as a comic actress that she is perhaps best remembered. She was the star of some of the greatest screwball comedies of all time, including It Happened One Night, Three-Cornered Moon, Midnight, and The Palm Beach Story (my personal favourite screwball comedy of all time). While she was incredibly gifted when it came to comedy, Miss Colbert was also a dramatic actress of great depth, appearing in such dramas as Private Worlds, Since You Went AwaySo Proudly We Hail, and Imitation of Life. Beautiful and versatile, Claudette Colbert could play nearly any role given her, and played a wide variety of roles, from Cleopatra to a widow with a young daughter (in Imitation of Life).

In honour of the 110th anniversary of Claudette Colbert's birth, I thought I would share a few photographs of an actress who was as talented as she was lovely.

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