Monday, March 18, 2013

My Latest YouTube Video: All of Your Toys by The Monkees

For years "All of Your Toys" was something of a lost Monkees song. It was written by a friend of Michael Nesmith, Bill Martin, and The Monkees intended for it to be their third single. Unfortunately circumstances in 1967 would prevent it from being released at the time. Every song released by The Monkees had to be published on Screen Gems Music, and "All of Your Toys" had been published on Tickson Music. Tickson Music refused to sell the song and so it would remain an unreleased Monkees track until 1987. Regardless, "All of Your Toys" would be historic as the first Monkees song on which they played their own accompaniment.

Of course, the fact that the song was not released during the run of the television show meant that it was never featured in any of the show's episodes. Since this was the case I decided to create my own Monkees romp for the song, using footage from the episode "Monkee vs. Machine." I chose "Monkee vs. Machine" as it deals with, well, toys. Anyhow, without further ado, here is my video for "All of Your Toys."

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Mythical Monkey said...

Jeepers, I'm actually old enough to remember that episode of The Monkees, one of my favorite shows as a kid. Thumbs up on the video!