Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Blog You Must Read: Culture in a Cold Climate

There are probably no more ardent readers of blogs than we bloggers ourselves. This all means that it is usually up to we bloggers to point out blogs of note that people should read. That's what I am taking time to do now. If you are not already following Culture in a Cold Climate, then I really think you should be.

Culture in a Cold Climate is written by my friend Lyndsy. Lyndsy has an intelligent and witty, yet brisk and very readable writing style. In Culture in a Cold Climate she explores the beauty of Northern Ireland in its natural surrounding and the many old structures there. Her posts are detail the various places around Northern Ireland, often going into the history of those places.  Her post are also usually accompanied by numerous photographs of these places. If you love the beauty of nature and love such architecture as churches, castles, and manor houses, you'll enjoy Culture in a Cold Climate very much.

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