Thursday, September 15, 2011

Margaret Lockwood 95th Birthday Blogathon.

Today is Margaret Lockwood's 95th birthday. To celebrate, A Shroud of Thoughts is hosting a blogathon. I'll be adding the links to the posts from various blogs in the blogathon throughout the day. Also, if you want to participate, it is not too late to do so. You can post on any aspect of Maggie's career. You can discuss one of her movies, her television work, or even just give an overview of her career. And here I must say that if you simply want to post pictures, that is fine as well!

Here at A Shroud of Thoughts I wrote an overview of Margaret Lockwood's career, "Margaret Lockwood's 95th Birthday." Over at True Classics Brandie has an excellent review of Miss Lockwood's film The Stars Look Down (1940). Again here at A Shroud of Thoughts is a summary of the show Justice starring Margaret Lockwood, published tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who participated. I realise that this blogathon didn't have many participants, but then I do not think that there can be any argument that while the quantity of posts may have been low, the quality was quite high!

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